The Stockholm Bucket List

I’ve lived abroad once before, in London. That adventure only lasted for three months, so I can hardly compare it to my move to Stockholm. However, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my experience in London, is that time flies by. I just kept thinking that I’d have plenty of time to visit Tate Modern and The London Zoo later. I realised I was oh so wrong while on my way back to Amsterdam. I waited around too long and before I knew it I was traveling back to Amsterdam. There were at least 10 places I still wanted to visit, but I just never did. Having learned from my mistake, I now planned ahead. I present to you, my Stockholm Bucket List.

1. Sing along to Mamma Mia at the ABBA museum

I love ABBA, really love. So if you’re ever around to visit me in Stockholm, I’m taking you here.

2. Eat a cinnamon roll

Ask me what I’m thinking and it’s probably about what I’m going to eat next. So, eating one of Sweden’s delicacies is definitely in the top of my Stockholm bucket list items.

3. Visit the Royal Palace

They say that no matter what route you’re walking through the city centre, you’re going to see this palace. And since it’s part of Sweden’s heritage, I really want to visit it myself.

4. Speak fifty words Swedish

And hopefully even more than that. But for now, I’d like to learn how to say ‘Good morning’, ‘How are you?’, and ‘Five cinnamon rolls please’.

5. Go to a concert

One of my favorite things to do is go to concerts. Hearing the entire crowd singing along gives me goose bumps every single time. Now I’m on the look out for the first artist performing in Stockholm.

6. Walk to school without using Google Maps

I am hor-ri-ble with everything that has to do with roads, street names and sense of direction. So being able to walk to school without any help from the Internet is something.

7. Run 100 km through the city (in total!!!)

I think running is one of the best way to discover a new city. I did it a lot in London and I loved to wake up early and see the city come to life while running through Hyde Park. Hopefully I can do the same in Stockholm, when it’s not freezing of course.

8. Visit the Vasa Museum

Inside this museum you will find an entire ship and who doesn’t want to feel like a pirate for a few hours?

9. Find my favourite lunch spot

There is the food again.

10. Take the local ferry

Stockholm is surrounded by water and the ferry will take you from one island to the other. I’m guessing it’s also a perfect way to take some pictures of the city.

Stockholm Bucket List - 1 - P1

11. Study in the SSE library (so pretty!)

During a tour through the university we were shown this place and it’s something right out of a Harry Potter movie. It’s amazing. Studying here might actually be fun.

12. Drink coffee at Drop Coffee Roasters

They’ve won several international awards for their coffee, so I’m guessing it’s incredible here. Definitely going to taste a cup!

13. Visit the Moderna Museet

Modern art is my favourite, so this museum needs to be part of the Stockholm bucket list.

14. Take a picture every day for a whole year

A few years ago I downloaded an app called ‘Room For Thought’ and it tells you when to take a picture once a day. This way you take pictures of the most random things, because you might in the bus or brushing your teeth. The grid of all the pictures is so cool, because it remembers me of moments I totally forgot about. For some reason, I stopped doing it a few months ago. My arrival in Stockholm is a pretty good moment to start again.

15. Go to Ikea

When in Sweden, right?

16. Discover the subway art

No grey and dark looking subway stations in Stockholm, but walls covered in art. Can’t wait to see for myself!

17. Buy something at a concept store

Considering Stockholm is one of the most fashionable cities around, they must have incredible concept stores. I’m hoping to find a really nice (and not tacky) souvenir here!

18. Spot a Swedish celebrity

First have to figure out who is famous in Sweden, so this might be a difficult one.

19. Go on a trip outside of Stockholm

I really want to see more of Sweden than just its capital, so I’d love to go on a city trip somewhere in the country. I’m thinking Gothenburg? Or Malmo?

20. Find the perfect spot to study

I prefer to study somewhere that is not my home or school. For some reason I get too distracted there and start looking for other things to do. The perfect place to me is a little coffee shop with people walking around and some John Mayer playing in the background. Let’s see if I can find one…

Stockholm Bucket List - 1 - P2

21. Go to the Fotografiska Museum

Taking photo’s is slowly turning into a something I want to do all day and I’m saving up to buy a good camera. So, I really want to visit the photography museum.

22. Eat knäckebröd for breakfast

Would it taste even better when you’re actually in Sweden?

23. Stroll through the old city center

One of my favourite things to do in Amsterdam is to just walk along the canals and take about a thousand pictures. I’d love to do the same here in Stockholm.

24. See the bonfire on Walpurgis Night

Before creating this Stockholm bucket list, I was searching for the things I should actually put on there. For some reason I ended up reading about Walpurgis Night, which is the night of bonfire in Sweden. Originally it’s about warding off evil spirits, but now everyone is celebrating the King’s birthday and the start of Spring. Maybe it’s a bit like King’s Day here in Holland, but without the orange and with fire. Same same but different. Anyway, I’m in.

25. Discover the Östermalms Saluhall market

As one of the best food halls in the world, I cannot not go here.

26. Finish my first year at SSE

Have to remind myself that I’m not just here for a nice holiday.

27. Eat at ‘Meatballs for the People’

Sweden is quite famous for it’s meatballs, so I’m thinking that a Stockholm bucket list is not complete without them. And I wouldn’t know a better place to eat them than at a restaurant that serves just those meatballs?

28. Wonder through the city without getting lost

See item 6. I have absolutely no sense of direction, so this would be a real accomplishment.

29. Go for a picnic in Tantolunden park

This park is one of the biggest ones in Stockholm and is located right along the river, so it’s the perfect spot for a huge picnic. I’m thinking cinnamon rolls, knäckebröd, salmon…

30. Feel at home in Stockholm

Saving the best for last.

So, this is it. My ultimate Stockholm bucket list. Right now I have exactly 30 goals to go, some of which are easier to accomplish than others. Can’t wait to get started.

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