Stockholm Bucket List | Update 1

Just taking a quick look at my blog shows how fast time is flying by at the moment. No new messages in almost two weeks, that definitely wasn’t the plan. About time I update everyone on the status of my Stockholm Bucket List. Turns out I still got a lot to do. Here’s a list of things I did manage to accomplish (halfway).

2. Eat a cinnamon roll

Definitely ate more than one cinnamon roll since I’ve gotten here. So, that kinda means that this bucket list item can be ticked off. However, I’m not ready to do that yet. There’s more cinnamon rolls I need to taste. I’m gonna say this one is halfway done.

Stockholm Bucket List Update 1 - 2

Stockholm Bucket List Update 1 - 3

3. Visit the Royal Palace

Visited the Royal Palace twice now. Saw the change of guards, saw the building, but never went inside. I’m guessing this means I have almost accomplished this, but not really. Again, half a point.

Stockholm Bucket List Update 1 - 4

4. Speak fifty words Swedish

On a roll with the halfway accomplishments. Definitely have fifty words down, but putting them into an actual sentences is still a bit of a problem. Introductory Swedish 1 exam coming up this Friday, so I have some work to do this week. Again, half a point.

Stockholm Bucket List Update 1 - 6

6. Walk to school without using Google Maps

Have not walked to school and don’t think that that is going to happen ever. But I am totally able to get to school without using any kind of technology. I know which metros to take, where to switch metros, where to get in in order to get out the fastest. Totally got this traveling to school under control. Ticking this one of the bucket list.

22. Eat knäckebröd for breakfast

I have no picture to prove I actually ate knäckebröd for breakfast, cause who takes pictures early in the morning? It’s hard enough getting ready in time to get to school. So you’ll just have to trust me when I say I had a knäckebröd breakfast and it was pretty delicious.

Stockholm Bucket List Update 1 - 5

Stockholm Bucket List Update 1 - 7

23. Stroll through the old city centre

Final item I can tick off the Stockholm bucket list for this update. I’ve been in Gambla Stan, the old city centre, about four times now and strolling around is the best thing to do here. Just make sure to avoid the super touristy streets. And bring your camera, because you’re gonna need it. Also, now that this not on my bucket list anymore definitely doesn’t mean I won’t be strolling around here again. It’s too pretty not to go again.

So, 4 1/2 done and 25 1/2 still to go. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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