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An entire month passed by without an update on the website, which goes to show how busy life in Stockholm (and Riga) has been. From hiking through the Swedish woods and attending banquets (my favourite) to spending entire weekends studying for one on the biggest exams and getting a taste of what it’s like to be a business consultant. Safe to say, it’s been an interesting few weeks!

Life in Stockholm - 74 Days After Leaving - 2

September 30th

Similar to the last ‘update’ post, I’ll be highlighting the most memorable moments of the past weeks. First up, The Masked Ball! As I might have mentioned before, banquets are definitely a favourite of mine. You get to dress up in pretty dresses and high heels, have dinner in a beautifully decorated banquet hall and mingle with amazing people. Not to mention the Swedish songs, the entertainment, the wine, the afterparty and the possible after afterparty.

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October 1st

The next day, we went hiking through a park / woods. I promised to go, which is the only reason I was able to get up so early. Turns out some fresh Swedish air can really cure a bit of a hangover. The mini hike turned into a long hike, but luckily we were rewarded with a campfire and marshmallows in the end.

Life in Stockholm - 74 Days - 6

October 2nd – 3rd

Completely different news, I’ve become one of the Digital Ambassadors for Study in Sweden! I applied for the position a while ago and was lucky enough to be invited for an interview and got the position in the end. Study in Sweden is an online resource from the Swedish government, providing loads of information for international students about what it is like to study in Sweden. I’ve become part of the Instagram team, which means that I’ll be responsible for the Instagram account together with three other amazing people. Aside from that, I’ll also be writing two blogs per month for the Study in Sweden website. So you can now see and read about my life in Stockholm on those channels as well!

Life in Stockholm - 74 Days - 8

October 4th – 12th

Two assignments and the biggest exam I have ever had. Luckily I started preparing for all of this a little earlier, but the amount of work that needed to be done was insane. I don’t think I’ve studied this much for an exam ever. The balcony in the atrium at school became my new home. Arrived at 8 in the morning and left when the guard kicked us out at 10 at night. Together with a number of class mates, we tried to work trough over a 1000 pages of research papers. I only went back to my studio to shower and sleep. Crazy few days, but also surprisingly nice to share those miserable times with a group of class mates. Friday was exam day, a 5-hour exam day. I thought I’d be out in 4 hours, but I was wrong. I needed every single minute. So happy I was done. I got my grade yesterday and I passed!!!

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Life in Stockholm - 74 Days - 12

October 14th – 28th

It’s the day after the exam and it’s time for the Riga trip! On Saturday morning, I record my TED Talk (another assignment that needs to be finished) and pack my suitcase. At three, we arrive at the harbour and get on the ferry that’ll take us to Riga. Everybody is both tired and ecstatic about the fact that we’re done with the exam and assignments. And since it takes 18 hours to get to Riga, there was plenty of time for a little party.

Life in Stockholm - 74 Days - 13

Life in Stockholm - 74 Days After Leaving - 1

But we’re not really in to Riga to party, even though it might look like it now. Pictures can be a little deceiving, because do you ever take photos of boring things? However, during these two weeks, each team was at a different company working on a consultancy project. It was a great way to get a little bit of a feel of what it’s like to be a consultant, as well as learning more about cultural differences and group dynamics. Looking back, it was definitely more work than expected. We were asked to stick to office hours as much as possible (9 to 6/7), but as the end of the project was nearing that wasn’t possible anymore. We had some very late nights. Everyone wanted to deliver good projects and good projects take time. Luckily we had some time off over the weekend to explore the city and taste some Latvian food. It was an exhausting but amazing experience. Would not have wanted to miss it for the world.

Life in Stockholm - 74 Days - 9

Life in Stockholm - 74 Days - 10

October 28th

We catch the ferry back to Stockholm and arrive on the morning of October 28th. I rush back home, take shower and go to Rebecca’s. She’s being amazing and letting me borrow a dress of her’s for the Master Gasque. No matter how tired I am, I’m not gonna pass on my favourite Swedish event. And it lived up to my ever growing expectation of banquets, again. Also, I liked the dress so much, I didn’t really want to give it back and decided to order it for myself as well. I will be wearing this one for my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Just saying.

And that was it for the past weeks. It is impossible to cover all the good (and sometimes bad) times of my life in Stockholm, but this is as close as I’m gonna get. I have a week-long break, which could not have been planned better. I’ll be sleeping for most of it, recovering from all this. What a few weeks it has been. Feeling so lucky I get to experience it all. 

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  • Hi Inez, just read this post. Wat een geweldige periode maak jij mee in Zweden ! Heel hard studeren, dát wel, maar het lijkt me fantastisch om zo’n studie in het buitenland te kunnen doen. Al die leuke events die je meemaakt, de leeftijdgenoten en andere mensen die je ontmoet, de ervaring die je opdoet met zo’n consultancy project, echt super goed.
    Kom lekker bij van alle vermoeienissen tijdens je weekje vrij, en heel veel succes verder met de studie en plezier met de leuke dingen !!
    Frances (tante Frens ]

  • Heb jij nog wel tijd om te leren ?
    Wat een leuke site.
    Zo te zien heb je een leuke tijd en kennis gemaakt met veel (leuke ? ) mensen.
    Lig je op schema met je studie en hoe is het resultaat tot heden ?
    Gefeliciteerd met de 25 jarige huwelijksdag van pap en mams , leuk he , heb ze vanmorgen nog ff gezien bij oma.
    Nou nog een paar weekjes en dan gaan we zien hou jij er daar bij zit in Stockholm , we zien er naar uit . Groetjes , Ome Hein