How I’m Feeling | 3 Days Before Leaving

Shit is getting real. In three days I’m leaving home. As I mentioned in my last ‘How I’m Feeling‘ post, it’s all a bit bittersweet. I haven’t doubted my decision about going to Stockholm since I’ve said yes, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a tiny little bit sad about leaving everything behind.

Yesterday was my final day as an official ‘Amsterdammer’, at least for a few years. It was really hard realising that I’m not going to be living in the same apartment again. That I’m not going to be living with my amazing roomie again. That I can’t get on my bike, go for a ride along the Keizersgracht and grab a coffee at Kaldi. That I can’t text my friends for an impromptu lunch.

I do realise that I might just feel the exact same thing in two years, only about Stockholm then. I’ve heard so many great stories about this city, that I can’t possibly imagine I’m not going to love it here. There’s a lot of great stuff waiting for me when I get there, starting with a studio I can stay in for the first school year. I’ve had some great conversations with people that are going to be in my class as well as people that started the same Master last year. Introduction week sounds like it’s going to be pretty awesome too, ending with a huge welcome banquet. So there is so much to look forward to!

However, in the three days before leaving, there’s still a lot to do. I have to pack my suitcases, figure out some insurance stuff and eat loads of Swedish meatballs with my family and friends on the farewell party. I’m particularly excited for the last one, as you can probably imagine. Food and family, best combination ever.


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