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As I said in one of my previous post, a home tour would soon show up on the website. So here it is, my promised home tour.

Home Tour 2

Home Tour 1

I got this lovely studio with the help from SSE Student housing. I applied, crossed my fingers and got very very lucky. It’s extremely difficult to find housing in Stockholm, so I immediately accepted the opportunity to rent the studio for the first school year. It’s located in Solna, which is a suburb of Stockholm. It only takes a 15-minute metro ride to get to school, which is just perfect.

Home Tour 3

Home Tour 6

The apartment complex is built right upon a small shopping centre, which means I simply have to take an elevator to get my groceries. No need to go outside. Such luxury!

Home Tour 5

Home Tour 7

I’ve been trying to keep the studio as tidy as on these pictures, which is harder than expected. There’s no way of hiding your clothes in the other room, because there is no other room. Could not be happier with this place though. It’s light, there’s loads of closet space, quite a lot bigger than expected and practically everything is new. It’s already starting to feel a bit like my home.

Home Tour 10

Home Tour 8

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