My First Days in Stockholm

It has been just a little over a week since I’ve set foot in Stockholm. From meeting my new classmates and registering for a Swedish personal number to figuring out the metro system and joining a pub crawl, my first days in Stockholm have been quite the adventure.


Because of some bad planning on my part, I still had not finished packing. So I set my alarm early and put everything in my three suitcases, which by some miracle all ended up weighing close to 23kg. Dad drives us to the airport, where I say goodbye to him without crying (still pretty proud of myself).

After a short flight and a serious struggle with transporting all the suitcases, my mum and I arrive at the hotel. We stay at Hotel with Urban Deli, which is the ultimate example of how cool and stylish the Swedes are. I seriously recommend staying here whenever you are in Stockholm.

We have dinner with my cousin Tim and Do, who are in Stockholm at the same time by some crazy coincidence. We walk around the city a little more, have some coffee, say goodbye to each other and go back to the hotel.
First Days in Stockholm 2
First Days in Stockholm 3

First Days in Stockholm 4


First full day in Stockholm! We have breakfast at the hotel (which is amazing) and walk to the SSE Housing office to collect my keys. Turns out we are not the only ones, so we have to wait a while. Afterwards, we go back to the hotel to grab all the luggage and make our way to my studio. Home tour will follow soon (probably next week), but I can already say that the place is amazing. It’s quite a bit bigger than expected and since I’m the first student staying in the studio, practically everything is new.

We decide to go to the grocery shop first, which is in the same building(!). We get salt and pepper, olive oil, ketchup and all other things you totally take for granted when your kitchen is fully stocked. We organise the kitchen a bit, go for lunch, unpack my suitcases and say hi to Shruti. I met her during my assessment day in Stockholm, we kept in touch, were lucky enough to both get accepted to the programme and now live in the same building!

For dinner, we go to some sort of food market place thing. We drink our first glass of wine for only 9(!) euros each. That is going to take some time getting used to.

First Days in Stockholm 5

First Days in Stockholm 6


Since we finished moving everything to studio yesterday, we have the entire day to see Stockholm. So after breakfast, we take the metro to Gambla Stan. This is the old city centre of Stockholm, where you can find The Royal Palace as well as the Nobel museum. We stroll through the little streets, I take about 200 pictures and realise I need to come back here at least five times to see everything there is to see.

We take the metro back up north and have lunch at Cafe Pascal. Mom goes for a sandwich with avocado, shrimps and lemon mayo (does it get more Nordic?) and I take a croque monsieur with so much cheese, I might have a heart attack.

After a massive lunch, we walk around the city some more. We visit my school and take a peek inside. The building is absolutely gorgeous and seeing it again makes me want to get started as soon as possible. We go into some stores, buy a few things I still need (like a laundry basket). However, I have to admit that I’m putting of doing laundry for as long as possible hahaha. The reason? The laundry room is in the basement and it looks like someone might have been killed there. Everything is in Swedish, the machines make noise and I’m scared that I might not make it out alive if I go by myself. So if you’re unable to contact me for a long time, first place to go search is the laundry room.

We decide that we want a proper Swedish meal as our final dinner in Stockholm, so we find a restaurant that serves meatballs. They are amazing.

First Days in Stockholm 7

First Days in Stockholm 8

First Days in Stockholm 9


I’m having trouble actually eating breakfast, which shows that I’m a little more nervous than I expected. I cry before we even have time to check out. We walk to central station where I say goodbye to my mom and cry some more. I feel a lot better afterwards, which makes me realise that I was more nervous about saying goodbye than starting school.

Today is my first day of introduction. All the Master students gather in the Aula, where we listen to the speeches of the dean and other important people. I meet some of my classmates and people doing other Master programmes. I apply for a Swedish personal number (yup, getting serious) and get some other things sorted.

First Days in Stockholm 10

First Days in Stockholm 11


As I’m writing, I realise that this is gonna be one extremely long blog post if I keep going. So, I decided to split it in two. Read all about what happened the rest of the week this Thursday at 4PM in ‘My First Days in Stockholm – part two’. Now I’m off to the metro station and going back to my studio. I have to make dinner and read a some articles for school. Real life starting tomorrow.

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