First Days in Stockholm – Part Two

As promised, I’m back with another report of my first days in Stockholm. Part two this time. Haven’t read part one yet? Just click here! Also, I wasn’t very good at using my camera these days, which is why you will sometimes find a picture of good-looking Stockholm that has little to do with the actual story. Oops.

First Days in Stockholm 27



So, Thursday. While these days are still part of the introduction week, a large part of them is spent in class rooms. Today was all about group dynamics. We got to meet the people we will be doing group work with for the upcoming weeks, which is really exciting. Group work is a huge part of the Master programme, so you better hope you have a nice group. I feel really good about mine! I’m sure they’ll show up here on the website some point in time..

In the evening, I join the pub crawl. We start in the university’s pub, which is located in the basement. From there, we visit four other pubs in the city. I get to meet more people, sing along to some old songs and drink beer. We end up at a club. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m pretty bad at partying. I’ll choose a nice dinner over a sweaty club anytime. Thank god the music is good. I get home around 2, which is a pretty good score if you ask me.

First Days in Stockholm 24

First Days in Stockholm 26


Today is all about what the upcoming two years are going to look like. We are bombarded with information about the courses, the professors, the learning goals, the career development, and so on. While it all sounds like a lot of work, it also looks like I’m gonna be interested in every single thing. We also talk about the trips were gonna go on. First one will be to Riga, where we will do a two-week project on the internationalisation of a company.

Then there’s the moment everyone is waiting for. The PowerPoint slide that will tell us where the immersion trip in April is taking us. Uganda. The slide is saying Uganda. We are going to Uganda. Everyone is elated. Never in a million years did I think I’d be going to Uganda.

My evening is spent on the couch, reading all about Uganda.

First Days in Stockholm 21

First Days in Stockholm 22

First Days in Stockholm 23


On Saturday morning I go to the meeting of CEMS Club Stockholm. It’s a ‘club’ that organises all sorts of events, from company presentations to cinnamon bun cooking class, to ensure that all CEMS students can get the most out of there experience here. I’m getting involved in the organisation of a ‘cantus’, which is supposed to be a Dutch thing. Never heard of it, but it sounds like fun.

As part of introduction week, we go on a boat. It takes us on a two-hour tour along the big and small islands of Stockholm. Even though it’s great to see the city (definitely want to do it again), we’re happy when we’re back on the mainland. Time to change into a dress!

Tonight is my very first sitting, a banquet with all sorts of ceremonies, formalities and songs. It’s a tradition at SSE and happens a few times a year, this time as Welcome Banquet. Everyone dresses up according to the theme and dines together. I need some time figuring out where to sit down, since everyone has their assigned seat. I’m sitting next to a Swede, who thankfully is able to help me with all the things I need to know. Drumming on the table, taking half a shot, saying something in Swedish, toasting with the people at your own table or stealing a drink from another table, singing Swedish songs, taking a whole shot. There’s a lot to remember. Singing Swedish does get easier when you’ve had a glass of wine, I have to say. After dinner, we walk back to school for the afterparty. I stay for a surprisingly long time. What is happening to me? Am I actually starting to like a party?


Recovering from a serious hangover. I woke up, watched an entire season of The Good Wife, reheated some pasta I had made before, and went back to bed. Not a very exciting day. Totally worth it though, because last night was great.

So, that’s it. My first week in Stockholm. Intro week done, real life starts. 

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