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The question I’ve been getting most often lately is what I’ll be doing in Stockholm. It’s not a weird or unexpected question, because I wonder the same thing sometimes. But, here is everything I do know.

On Sunday morning, August 20th, me, my mom and my three suitcases will be getting onto an airplane. The reason I’m flying to Stockholm is to start with my Master’s degree. The Master’s programme I will be doing is a dual degree in International Business. This means that I’ll be getting two diplomas after finishing the two-year programme. The first diploma I’ll be receiving from Stockholm School of Economics, my home school, and the second one from CEMS, a global alliance in management education.

The upcoming two years will be spent in three different countries. The first school year is, of course, in Stockholm. When summer holidays begin, I have to start my internship. You’re not allowed to do an internship in your home country or school country, so I have to move away. I was thinking H&M in New York, because a girl can dream right? After about 8 weeks of internship, university starts again. This time, half of the school year will be spent in Stockholm and the other half somewhere else. As for now, my exchange destination is Bergen in Norway, but this might still change. And just like that, it’s already over.

Just writing all this down makes me so excited to start, which can only be a good sign. Hopefully it will be as amazing and interesting as I imagine it to be.

For more info on the Master’s programme, just visit the SSE website or the CEMS website. And if you have any questions, please send me an email or leave a comment. I love to talk about it, as you’ve probably noticed…

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