New Beginnings

Hey there, thank you for stopping by! I’m Inez, a twenty-two-year-old student currently living in Amsterdam. Not for long though, because I will be leaving this amazing city in a few weeks. My destination? For the next two years, Stockholm will be my new home. The reason for my move is university, Stockholm School of Economics to be specific. After much preparation, test-taking, Spanish-learning, and an assessment, I got accepted to the most amazing Master program: The MSc in International Business / CEMS MIM.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite a while now, but I never really did. The biggest reason for this is the fact that I wanted it to be perfect from the beginning, which is something I realize is impossible. Also, I needed something to write about that not only I would find interesting, but others too. I figured that moving to a different country where I don’t know anyone or anything should do the trick. So, after a few months of making my website look nice, developing some basic Photoshop skills and doing some writing, I decided now was the right time.

So, here it is, The Lovely Notebook. With this blog I want to share the happy and sad moments I have while making Stockholm my home, the adventures I go on and maybe some secret spots you have to visit when in Stockholm. I guess it’s like a diary, only it’s not just for me to read. It’s a way of keeping everyone at home informed on how I’m doing, sharing my experiences and documenting the memories I want to keep forever. I hope you’ll follow along.


I also love to spend some time creating greeting card, some of which you can buy in the little shop I added to the website. A pretty good way to finance my future addiction to cinnamon buns, if you ask me. Hopefully you’ll find something pretty!

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