Little List of Happiness | N°1

I’ve always been a list-maker. Groceries, to-do’s, book to read, movies to watch, you name it and I’ve made a list of it. While I have never actually written down the everyday things that make me happy, I felt like this blog was a great way to start doing just that. Making this list makes me more aware of what is happening right in front of me, those little things that make my day so much better. So, here it is, my first little list of happiness. Hopefully the first of many!

~ Fresh linen, cannot beat the feeling of that first night of sleep in a freshly made bed
~ Muscle pain is the best pain, makes me feel like my workout is paying off
~ Spending the weekend at my parents’ house
~ Casey Neistat’s vlogs and videos
~ Ruth B and all her songs (you should really go listen to her, she is incredible)
~ Binge watching The Blacklist, Homeland, The Mentalist, Suits and so on…
~ The fact Queen Adele performed in Paris and I was there
~ Amsterdam and all its prettiness
~ The perfect cappuccino
~ James Corden and his Carpool Karaoke videos (especially with Chris Martin)
~ The tram driver saying ‘welcome’ as I enter the tram
~ The movie The Big Short (I seriously felt a little smarter after I watched it)
~ Seeing all these little things listed together

What’s on your little list of happiness right now?

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