My Story

Hi there! My name is Inez, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m a twenty-two-year-old student currently living in Amsterdam, but not for long. I will be leaving this amazing city in a few months after calling it my home for the last three years. My new home? For at least the upcoming year, I will be spending my time in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. The reason for my move is school, Stockholm School of Economics to be more exact. After much preparation, test-taking, Spanish-learning, and an assessment, I got accepted to the most amazing Master program: The MSc in International Business / CEMS MIM.

With this website, The Lovely Notebook, I want to document all the things I think are interesting and want to share with the world. I guess it’s like a diary, only it’s not just for me to read. It’s a way of keeping everyone at home informed on how I’m doing, sharing my adventures and documenting the memories I want to keep forever.

Outside the world of trying to finish my Master’s degree and spending time on this blog, I love to search for the perfect brunch places, watch Grey’s Anatomy, collect Vogues from all over the world, and create cute greeting cards. Curious? I added a little shop to the website where you can buy cards that I hand lettered with much love. Hopefully you’ll find something pretty!