The Stockholm Bucket List

I’ve lived abroad once before, in London to be specific. That adventure only lasted for three months, so I can hardly compare it to my move to Stockholm. However, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my experience in London, is that time flies by. I just kept thinking that I’d have plenty of time to visit Tate Modern and The London Zoo later. I realised I was oh so wrong while on my way back to Amsterdam. Having learned from my mistake, I now planned ahead. I present to you, my Stockholm Bucket List.

1. Sing along to Mamma Mia at the ABBA museum


2. Eat a cinnamon roll


3. Visit the Royal Palace


4. Speak fifty words Swedish


5. Go to a concert


6. Walk to school without using Google Maps


7. Run 100 km through the city (in total!!!)


8. Visit the Vasa Museum


9. Find my favourite lunch spot


10. Take the local ferry


11. Study in the SSE library (so pretty!)


12. Drink coffee at Drop Coffee Roasters


13. Visit the Moderna Museet


14. Take a picture every day for a whole year


15. Go to Ikea



16. Discover the subway art


17. Buy something at a concept store


18. Spot a Swedish celebrity


19. Go on a trip outside of Stockholm


20. Find the perfect spot to study


21. Go to the Fotografiska Museum


22. Eat knäckebröd for breakfast


23. Stroll through the old city center


24. See the bonfire on Walpurgis Night


25. Discover the Östermalms Saluhall market


26. Finish my first year at SSE


27. Eat at ‘Meatballs for the People’


28. Wonder through the city without getting lost (tough one, because I have absolutely no sense of direction)


29. Go for a picnic in Tantolunden park


30. Feel at home in Stockholm

So, this is it. My ultimate Stockholm bucket list. Right now I have exactly 30 goals to go, some of which are easier to achieve than others. Wish me luck.

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